Lost My Mom

Question: My mom passed 8/10/13 I am a only child who is semi disable due to a hip fracture this year I am lost with out her she was all I had …that meant anything to me…she was my friend and companion we lived together I never got married and I and lost…help. R.

Answer: Dear R.: My take is that this is something we all have to fight our way through pretty much alone. I know I did. Obviously, our moms are older than we are and it naturally follows that they will pass before we do. There are many books and groups available depending on what speaks to you. I actually wrote letters to my mom after her death and even went so far as to write responses back to me from her. I knew what she would say. That probaby doesn’t make sense to many people but it helped me. She’s been gone for 60 years, I’m 86, and I still write her once in a while. Blessings, Luise

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