How “Knowing” Are Our Pets?

Question: Hello Luise: It seems to me that my little dog knows what is going on around him, and is really sensitive to the family, and especially to me. Are our pets, dogs especially, more intelligent and aware than most of us realize? I sometimes think mine has come to be my teacher. What’s their real purpose? Does that question sound wacky to you? (I get laughed at a lot for these thoughts when I say them out loud here at home.) Thank you. Sincerely, Joy

Answer: Dear Joy: Well, you hit the jackpot here! I love ’em! Dogs touch my heart, always. Big and shaggy, tiny and pert…whatever! I have a four pound Chihuahua who answers to the name of “Me, Too’…(if and when he chooses.) Most of us just make it all up; what they are all about and what they can offer us. We don’t have any documentation as to what they’re “thinking”, or if you have a Chihuahua, “plotting”. There are dog psychics who say they know more than we do, and sometimes that’s not much of a stretch, right?

Why not just create whatever you want around your pup and his attributes, instincts, intelligence and perspicacity. (I love that word!) I honestly think that from the experience I’ve had with dogs over the years, that there is quite a spread in what they have to offer. I’ve seen some pretty dumb ones, actually. And then, there’s the one that is so in tune with his master that they communicate by eye contact. Some can be trained to do outrageous things, even telepathy, if reports are to be believed. Certainly it’s a known fact that dogs trained to do so, see for the blind and listen for the deaf. Why can’t some of them be teachers? We have to be willing to learn, of course. For instance, I have always believed that dogs know how to teach us unconditional love by example. A non-dog lover probably sees such dogie loyalty as passive dependency, so it’s a personal thing, what kind of perception each of us adopts. I know where you and I stand! United! Blessings, Luise

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