Drooling Over New Keystone Travel Trailers

Question: Hi Luise: I’m looking at new Keystone Travel Trailers and want to ask you how you work with RV salespeople to get the best price on a RV. All I have to go on is my experiences in buying cars. I hate negotiating, and even when I feel like I am getting a good deal, I still question if I have overpaid. Thanks, Glenna

Answer: Dear Glenna: I suppose there are a few people who love negotiating, but everyone I know shares your views and mine.

I would never buy another new RV. The best buys out there are available when you deal with people who need to sell…really, really need to sell, and are aware of what that means. It’s not hard to establish the Blue Book value. You can also go to sales lots and look at similar units and get the going rates. Get a male friend to go with you to support you during negotiations. A woman alone is still often seen as an easy mark.

People die and the spouse sells, people get ill and want to get rid of their RVs, people change their minds and find they don’t like RVing. The seller needs you and is usually desperate to move on. If they’re not, move on yourself.

If you are dead-set on a new one, check out all of the dealers you can. We went about fifty miles South and fifty miles North when we bought our new Sunrader motorhome. At that time we just weren’t interested in used class C motorhomes. When we found a dealer we felt comfortable with, we looked at all the models and picked out the one we liked. Then we asked the owner what his absolute bottom dollar was on a cash sale. The figure was extremely competitive and we went for it.

Stop in where you see a RV for sale at a private residence. Ask friends if they know of anyone really anxious to unload an unwanted rig. Read the ads and get a feel for what’s out there. Run an ad on the web describing what you want. And don’t be in a hurry. That Keystone Travel trailer is out there someplace waiting for you! Blessings, Luise

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