It’s Not Like I Can Run Him Off

Question: Dear Luise: about 9 years ago, my son had a bad brain injury and now he is doing good, he is getting around good. u have to talk to him a little or get to know him to see his brain injury. 2 years ago he started hanging out with the wrong people, with his brain injury he is like a teenager again, but it was easier back then. we always got along and when he turned 16, he got a job, was a good worker and then when he was 20 is when he had his accident. but now all we do is fight about anything, he smokes pot constantly, got a ton of bills, but he has been paying them.but we cant go anywhere without getting into it.i dont like leaving him at home a lot. he is spoiled and i think that is some of it, not getting his way. it is not like i can run him off, he doesnt need to live by hisself. what do i do? P.

Answer: Dear P.: This is a situation that needs a professional. Please find a good counselor to help you. It may not get any better and you need an advocate. Blessings, Luise


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