Issues with Son – Lonely

Question: Dear Luise: Ok — I will give this a try.  My 23 old son lives 3 hours from us.  He is a college graduate.  He has had issues and called and talked with me numerous times.  Our conversations are deep —He is my only child.  He is now pushing me away and acting very cold to me.  He doesn’t call—unless he wants something.  I try to call him to stay connected.  I have to be extremely careful in what I say or ask about as I offend him very easily.  I am not trying to be nosey, but he seems to think I am doing that.  I am very hurt that he is treating me in this way.  I am very lonely.  People ask how he is doing — and I have no idea.  I actually have no inspiration to go on.  I am ready to give up! E.

Answer: Dear E.: I think you might benefit from multiple responses to your question. Over two years ago, I started a forum for women dealing with issues connected with adult children and extended families. It has proven to be very effective to be able to dialogue with others who are in a similar situation.

If you are interested, please come over to I hope to see you there. Blessings, Luise

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