Is This Going To Be A Problem?

Question: Dear Luise: I just bought a 1948 14 foot La Cosse Vacationer and am havig a hard time finding out much about the Company. Do you have any thoughts? Also I bought it with only a recept, no title and it has not been reg for over 20 years.  Is that going to be a problem? Thank you, D.

Answer: Dear D.: It could be a big problem. It’s an “orphan” trailer, which means the company is no longer in existence. I don’t know where you live. There can be differing requirements. If you have a DMV, that is the place to go and ask. Usually not having the VIN number precludes getting a title and license. When that happens, you can’ take it out on the road except with a Trip Permit. However, in many (but not all) locations, you can park it at home for an extra bedroom or workshop. They can be fun to restore, too. Sometimes you can sand the tongue very carefully and find, under paint and rust, the indented VIN number. Blessings, Luise

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