Is This Abuse

Question: Dear Luise: My heart is breaking, I have two adult children who I firmly believe have very little feelings for me. There is never an I Love You or a phone call to just say HI, I hear from them when they need or want me to do something . . my daughter has three children who have been a big part of my life, since they were born . .and I am sure my daughter uses them as leverage.  I long for a thank you or an I love you that is meant and not forced .  I know I m only asked there or my birthday because it is what is expected . .but note i ca be there 2+ times a week to help with the children and housework if it becomes too much . . my son is a user and takes advantage of me all the time he has lived with me on and off all his adult life and has been here for the past two years and contributes nothing in money or effort . .my heart is broken, my grandchildren are holding it together . . what do I do . A.

Answer: Dear A. Bring your story over to my Web-forum.  It’s a community of women, many of whom have experienced the same thing or something very similar. They will interact with you and give you support. Not answers, but love and understanding. Blessings, Luise

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