Should I Trust Him and Marry Him

Question: Dear Luise: I’ve been engaged for 6 months and am staying with my fiance. 4 months after our engagement, I found out he was having affair with another girl. I’ve settled the problem with that girl. She promised she would leave my fiance and she did. He promised me he would not do the same thing again. Just a month after that, I knew that he did it again when I checked his mobile phone. I called that girl to find out. She didn’t know that he was engaged and they broke it off. He explained that he was not serious about that girl. He just did that for fun because he loves me so much. The problem is should I trust him and marry him? W.

Answer: Dear W.: Why would you trust him and why would you marry him? How much proof do you need that the guy isn’t for you? It’s not your job to catch him lying or to call the girls off. If this is what being engaged is like, what’s it going to like after the honeymoon is over?

Run…don’t walk…out of this mess. Being single isn’t half as bad as being married to someone like that. And, believe me, he’s just getting started…no matter what he says.

You have said nothing at all about your cheating on him and if that is how you live your life, you deserve the same thing in return. Being attracted to him is not the same thing as being able to trust him with your life and your future. He’s a fast-talker and a smooth operator…and he isn’t going to change. You deserve respect and security and they aren’t in the cards with him. Blessings, Luise

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