Is He Interested or Not

Question: Dear Luise: My boyfriend and I are no longer together because he broke up with me. I don’t call or text him anymore. But why would he stare at me whenever he see me if he is not interested? Why would he mess with other girls but won’t admit it to other people? He watches me a lot. One time he was in his car and I looked up he was staring at me the whole time he drove past and was smiling. Why??? K.

Answer: Dear K.: It is a very real possibility that your ex-boyfriend doesn’t know why he does that, himself. So how can we figure it out? Trying to crawl into someone else’s head is a lost cause.

You are doing the right thing not to call or text him. The ball is in his court.

I know it must be unnerving to have him staring at you. Do your best to look right through him sometimes and then give him a great, big smile at other times and make him wonder what’s up with you! Good to have the shoe on the other foot!
Blessings, Luise

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