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Question: Dear Luise: Could you give me some ideas on interior designs? Do you have any interest in the subject of home interior design? I am trying to work with a very small space and nothing I have fits. I don’t have a lot of money at my disposal but I have some. I would like to see if I could make my surroundings comfortable. I lost my husband and sold our place. This is a one-bedroom condo that is less than 700 square feet. I don’t particularly like antique furniture, since I don’t know much about antiques or find them appealing…and I’m not attached to any specific manufacturer. This is not about show. Can you help me get started? Thanks, Leah

Answer: Dear Leah: I do find the joys and challenges of interior design interesting. My first reaction to your question is admiration that you are not trying to cram your old stuff into your new place. I see a lot of that where I live, which is in a retirement center.

Times change and I often think we would do well to be willing to change with them. I know a lot of people are very sentimental about possessions. They have stories connected with each item that seem to make them precious. I have very little of that particular gene, and you, too, seem willing to let go of what no longer works for you.

So…think space. The less you put into your condo, the bigger it will look and feel. Think functionality. Start haunting furniture stores. I have a favorite one that allows me to wander to my heart’s content. They have big discounts, guarantee their pieces and have high quality copies of very costly stuff. Works for me!

Don’t be in a hurry. Start a notebook and list the things you feel you will need for every room. What can you do without? For instance, I have no dresser in my bedroom. In my closet, I have four, three-drawer, plastic units on casters for my underwear, shoes, socks, and miscellaneous items. I’ve placed two at each end of my closet with space in between for longer items to hang well. Mostly, I have short things…tops and pants. The lack of a dresser offers me the opportunity to have a computer desk and filing cabinet where the dresser would have gone.

Go over each room and think space. Consider a hide-a-bed for an occasional guest and end tables with drawers for more storage. Look at armoires for your TV and VCR. They also have drawer space. Ask to be shown under-scaled furniture if you don’t readily recognize it…a smaller dining table with drop leaves and a small buffet can make a postage stamp sized dining space look commodious.

Don’t plan on putting anything in front of a window and pick fabric patterns that have a small design and soft colors. You said “Give Me Some Ideas On Interior Designs”, so there you go. Please write again, if you want to…as your project unfolds. Blessings, Luise

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