I Just Inherited A Cougar Fifth Wheel 276 In Alaska

Question: Dear Luise: I am a single woman who just inherited my grandparent’s Cougar Fifth Wheel 276. I live in Alaska and have absolutely no RV experience as an adult. What I do have is a life-long desire to go RV camping and some wonderful memories of going with my grandparents years ago. Should I sell their huge trailer or try to learn to pull it? Do you have any idea where I should start? I feel excited about this gift, but also scared to death. Lila

Answer: Dear Lila: Congratulations. For what it’s worth, it’s my opinion that you can’t go wrong with any of the Keystone travel trailers. Your Cougar belongs to that family. I’m not at all sure that the model you have just inherited is what I would start out with, but that’s going to have to be up to you.

I think the best way for you to make a decision is to get you feet wet with something less intimidating. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t conquer what you have, I just think it’s a tall order. Why not look into Alaska motorhome rentals and places that rent travel trailers in Alaska? Short trips in short rigs…that’s what I think would get you past the jitters.

After you have a few miles under your belt, you will begin to get an idea about what feels comfortable to drive and live in. Take a friend along with you for moral support, if at all possible. If you know someone with RV experience, that‘s all the better.

I assume you were left a truck to pull your fifth wheel with. Is that correct? If your grandparents bought their truck and trailer in Alaska, why not get in touch with the dealers where they were purchased and find out their values? Then you will have some idea what else you could get if you feel that what was right for them, isn’t quite right for you.

Your grandparents must have known what a wonderful expansion their gift would make to your life, recalling how much you enjoyed those childhood excursions with them. I would suggest you see their Cougar Fifth Wheel 276 as a door opener, not a final choice. Start doing your research and see what unfolds. Who knows, it may be perfect! Blessings, Luise

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