I’m Not What They Want

Question: Dear Luise: Okay i might be rambling on if why im say but here it goes. i have that never actually bonded with. Because she doesn’t let have a boyfriend and think that boys are sex fiends, i mean maybe there are but you cant generalize who they are as a majority.Also she doesn’t let me wear v necks because the show to much of my cleavage(i kinda have a busty chest) and i always have to put a tank top on. In contrast, sometimes i feel like I’m too imperfect when I’m around my family. Like they want a girl who is a devout christian, good in school, comes home in time, and who is straight(I’m bi-curious)and I’m not the fully of christian girl they want(I’m christian then again Buddhist) . And I do in a way rebel against my parents and somewhat i hate myself because of it? What should i do with mom and with my family? D.

Answer: Dear D.: There’s a knack to respecting others and still not letting go of respecting yourself. I get that you’re just fine. You’re an individual and you are listening to your own “drummer.” You can’t be a carbon copy of what others want you to be or believe. Those kids who try to do that often lose themselves. Perfection isn’t real. You can do your best in school and come home on time to the best of your ability and dress to please others until you are on your own…that’s true…but you can’t be made to be different than you are. That’s a good thing because you are quite wonderful, already. I’m totally serious about this. Blessings, Luise

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