I Can’t Look Happy Around Him

Question: Dear Luise: i am 19 and my boyfriend is 18 and i live with him .i told my boyfriend about my past and in my past i got raip two times. but i dint tell anyone but him and i wasnt with him at the time and he gets mad at me all the time. he starts but calling me names and other bad words and he makes me cry and he puts me down all the time i really cant look happy around him becuse i am afred that he is going to fight with again and he been fighting with all the time now. A.

Answer: Dear A. It can be really hard to pick out a partner when you are 18 because you are still changing and so is the other person. If your boyfriend looked kind and understanding when you got together, he sure doesn’t look like that any more.

It’s natural to share confidences with the person you have moved in with but sometimes unwise. He hasn’t turned out to be anyone you would want to share such things with.

The reason you are so miserable is because you know you deserve better. You’re the only one who can do anything about that. Changing your boyfriend isn’t realistic. The changes you need to make need to be out of self-respect…and involve changing your life. Sometimes being single and alone is a great improvement after making an unwise choice. Blessings, Luise

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