I’m In Constant Pain

Question: Dear Luise: what do I do when I’m in constant pain? I go to the doctor regularly and she understands why I’m in pain. My doctor prescribes pain meds, but it is not pain a pill can help, unless I’m so doped up that I become a zombie.  I don’t want to to feel like that. What else, besides drugs, can I do or take to help with pain relief? Would you recommend yoga? Or meditation? I am open to suggestions as long as it is something sensible. I have degenerative joint disease and arthritis I have had both knees and both hips replaced already, and my shoulders need to be replaced but I am waiting until the pain is unbearable. Every day I do my stretching exercises and I walk as much as I can on good days. I won’t take your advice without making sure it is ok with my doctor first. She is open minded also. You seem a wise lady so I am asking you. Thanks in advance, S.

Answer: Thank you for your question. Yes, I do know of something. I asked a family member to help me answer your question thoroughly since I wanted to cover all facets of your question. There are many different areas to discuss to help with your pain symptoms. I also have been privileged to learn about and experience a wonderful “life giving whole food. You will soon learn about, too!

When we were kids and fell down (after the initial shock and a few tears shed) we would bounce back up and off we’d go. As we age our response to aches and pains increases because with aging the body’s structural integrity begins to break down and can show up as many different types of ailments. We also store stress which increases cortisol in the body that can contribute to an increase in pain response along with many other symptoms and ailments. Instead of giving you a long explanation on the progression of body ailments, disease, and pain let’s move the conversation to healing solutions.

Function of Drugs – Drugs tend to target symptoms and work to push the body around to attain a desired effect. At times they are wonderful when they can help diminish pain to help a person in daily function. But, drugs do little to address the cause that brings on the pain nor do they synergistically feed the body to help it repair and rebuild. Drugs do not provide the physical stimulation to support the body in maintaining physical flexibility, tissue and cartilage repair, and building muscle tone.

There are several factors, when combined, that can aid the body in rebuilding its structural integrity. This support can help address a myriad of imbalances and physical symptoms and include: eating nutritious foods, supplementing with balanced nutrition, and adding gentle and efficient exercise such as: Yoga, QiGong, walking, and swimming. Another important factor ensuring your drink enough pure water each day.

Let’s discuss exercise and water intake first, then we can move the discussion to an optimal nutritional supplement that is proven to aid the body in healing, repairing, rebuilding, and restoring structural integrity. The merits of this formulation’s ability to naturally promote pain reduction has been greatly proven in double blind clinical studies, and a vast database of testimonials.

 Five Important Components to Pain Reduction

1. Each person should consume ounces of water equal to 1/2 their body weight each day. For instance a person weighing 100 pounds should drink 50 ounces of pure water in a 24 hour period, or about one quart and a half. Our body is mostly water, and when we become dehydrated it greatly effects on our body’s ability to function at an optimal state.

2. Find a compatible exercise that allows you to move your body but does not cause additional stress. Gentle movements like Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, walking at a pace you are able, or swimming are wonderful choices. There is no need to push the body where you experience discomfort. Once you reach a sustainable level, gently increase your exercise. Also, a rebounder is a fantastic exercise device; It helps the lymph system release toxins and flushes the system by gently bouncing if you are able to do so. Meditation is also good because it can help reduce stress.

3. Eating a sensible diet is very important. Learn about foods you can eat that help to decrease inflammation in the body. Pain is often associated with increased inflammation. Also eat foods that are as close to whole as you are able. It is true that due to monoculture (large industrialized crops, like corn, wheat, etc.) much of the soil is now depleted of nutrition. It is unable to transfer nutritious elements to the crops as they grow. So, if you can eat foods that are as close to whole, organic, or locally grown you are giving the body greater nutritional support.

4. Now more than any other time our bodies need additional vitamins and minerals. However, taking too many vitamins and minerals is of little value if the body can not absorb them, and if our brain lacks the ability to communicate and direct nutritional elements to the optimal pathways. Most supplements on the market today are isolates (isolated elements versus whole food nutrition) and there is little synergistic benefit. For instance for selenium to work in the body you need to add Vitamin E, or for Calcium to be absorbed it must be combined with Magnesium. Why not let the intelligence of nature go to work for us, and ingest the best, high quality supplements that are based on whole foods. This way the body is getting synergistic and balanced support.

5. Now we are back to your initial question! “What else besides drugs can I do to help relieve my pain?” First, drink a lot of water, incorporate good whole foods into your diet (stay away from foods that contribute to inflammation), and incorporate gentle exercise and even meditation for a calming effect. Next, add high quality “whole food nutrition” to your daily regimen.

There is ONE “synergistic, life giving, whole food supplement” I HIGHLY recommend due to its wide reaching benefits and ongoing clinical double blind studies. Its doctor recommended and there is currently a long list of “pain relief” testimonials. It just may be a perfect food that will support your body in healing a myriad of symptoms, and it also reduces pain.

Here is a recent testimonial from one of my family member’s acquaintances: 

Due to a spinal injury with several fractures 19 years ago I have lived in chronic pain. Last November while deer hunting I hurt my hip. Oh boy, more pain. I had a 50 year class reunion on October 1st. While walking to the ball room I would take about 20 steps and then sit down for 5-10 minutes to rest because of hip and back pain. We received our Laminine on October 10th and immediately I started taking 3 capsules 2 times a day. On October 13th my hip pain went away. I seen a small difference in my back but now on Oct 31 my back pain has reduced 40-45%. My wife says my mood is better, you know it is hard to be happy and pleasant when you are in constant pain. By the way steel rods hold my spine together along with steel spacers as disc. Before Laminine I would only sleep 2 hours at night and then catnap during the day in my chair. Now I sleep about 6 hours straight and during the day I am either out fishing or cutting fire wood. Laminine has been a miracle and answer to many prayers. I am now taking 2 capsules 2 times a day. I will never be without this miracle product! – Bill Kinnett

My family and I take Laminine whole food supplement and we all have found it invaluable in maintaining our health and a sense of wellbeing. Laminine goes to work to support your body in improving your overall structural integrity. Laminine contains all 22 of the amino acids, and peptides the body needs to function. It helps increase laminin in the body which is the molecule that essentially holds us together. Laminine whole food supplement increases our brain function. It aids in the brain’s ability to communicate with our cells to deliver nutritional support to our body’s priorities. Taking Laminine on an ongoing basis will support the body in getting high quality nutrition that efficiently helps us heal what ails us. Many people have noticed a reduction in pain within 10 to 30 days.

 Doctor Formulated & Made in the USA

Laminine is formulated in the United States in an FDA approved facility, and the Nutraceutical company that holds the patent and formulates the product has made it available through relationship marketing, so you will not find Laminine on the shelf in your local drug store. It can only be purchased directly from the formulator and manufacturer, or an independent representative of the company. Most people who share the product do so because they have had a direct positive experience and want to share it with others.

As you know from reading all the questions and answers on MomResponds.com I like to help people find solutions, and after seeing how Laminine benefited me and members of my family I have decided to open the door to share it with others. The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk!

It is always wise to research and share with your doctor any new supplements, or dietary changes you make. Here are a few online videos of Doctors who are using Laminine and recommending it to their patients to address their wide array of symptoms.

A Cardiologist Discusses Laminine

Here are some other videos: Dr Poling, who is a Dr. of Osteopathy.

Dr. Poling, a Doctor of Osteopathy discusses Laminine for Various ailments:

Laminine for Parkinson’s Disease

Diabetes Support


I am happy to provide additional information or answer any further questions. Or if you like, just visit the following website, and click “Buy” and you can purchase the product at a retail price. Be sure and order enough for the first month, which is 3 boxes. After the initial 30 days you can determine your maintenance level, which is often 1 or 2 boxes each month. Another option is to click “Join” to receive the product at wholesale cost. This gives you the option to share it with others if you choose to do so.

Another Pain Relief Testimonial:

 “I have only been taking LAMININE for about a week. I’ve had this ARTHRITIS on my fingers for sometime now. I could not bend my fingers in the mornings without any pain. I can’t take any conventional medicine because of the side effects. I have been taking natural herbs, which has been helping me some. But the morning after I took first two capsules of LAMININE, I could get out of bed more pleasantly and I could use all my fingers without any pain. I thought it was nice but I did not realize what helped me. I didn’t sleep well on the 3rd night so I had to get up in the middle of the night to take LAMININE capsules. I don’t want to forget to take capsules before I go bed again! I am giving Laminine to my daughters and my sisters and I can wait to share with many other people. I give thanks to our God all mighty and all the people whom are working toward to help people like me.” -Misuk

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I strongly feel Laminine will naturally support your body to help with pain reduction while also supplying your body with the life giving nutrition to help improve your overall sense of wellbeing. For additional research, direct your doctor to the following website designed to provide information to medical professionals to help them gain awareness on the merits of Laminine.

Medical Professionals, click to learn more > Doctor’s Corner: I Want To Try Laminine

I wish you much success in reducing your pain and improving your quality of life.


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NOTE: Laminine helps YOUR body repair itself because it contains the complete spectrum of 22 amino acids synergistically
combined with Fibroblast Growth Factor. Think of Laminine as a life energy, whole "Super-Food-Supplement." 
The product referred to has not been evaluated by the FDA.The statements are not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health condition or concern, consult a physician.


3 Responses to I’m In Constant Pain

  1. Sandy November 28, 2011 at 3:46 am #

    I have tried Laminine, and I love this product! I twisted my ankle the other day and I couldn’t believe how quickly it healed. The pain seemed to diminish over night. I also notice I feel “happier” and I am handling stress a lot better since I am now able to sleep alot better. Luise, I am so glad you are sharing Laminine with others! Thank you!

    • Luise November 28, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

      Thanks for sharing that with me/us. I can’t think of when I have ever shared something like that from my personal life on my Websitr but when I got that question about pain I just had to. Blessings, Luise

  2. A. November 29, 2011 at 12:57 am #

    I have had serious health issues over the last two years and my Gastroinstestinal Tract has been all but destroyed because of the number of times I have been on Ciprofloxacin (aka Cipro), other Antibiotics which are too numerous to mention, and Anti Parasitic Drugs for Parasites and serious bacterial infections in my Colon, Small Intestines, Bladder and Kidneys.

    I do not wish to become too graphic about all the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome which these drugs precipitated, especially the Cipro because one of the most well known side effects of this synthetically produced drug is the loss of the ability to tolerate and digest fresh fruit and vegetables, but I had it in spades…Just ask my David what it is was like for both Him and me, although He most likely would be loathe to discuss these particular infirmities with you, were you to ask Him, because He knows how deeply embarrassed I would become.

    After being on this product, LAMININE, for only nine days, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my digestion and the ability feel “more in control” of my elimination. I discovered that I could actually eat fresh, raw fruit and vegetables again which I had totally eliminated from my diet because they caused immediate and uncontrollable diarrhea!

    Can you possibly imagine what it has been like for me, not to be able to eat wonderful fresh salads with all the goodies like tomatoes, radishes, cucumber, red, yellow and orange peppers, onions, garlic, spinach or zucchini? Not to mention the fresh fruit which is so very abundant in our Valley?

    I had been researching a product called “LAMININE” which was originally discovered by Dr. Davidson, a Canadian Medical Doctor, and who had since passed away many years ago. Even though his research and findings were based in science, the Government shelved his amazing discovery. However CTV News, a Canadian Television Station, recently produced a six minute story in January 2009, on this most amazing product and, since then, LP Global Network has recreated his scientific finds and has formulated this nutritional product into capsule form and simply called it “LAMININE”.

    I had been hearing from many of my associates how beneficial this product has been for them in their own lives and the lives of their families and friends and finally started taking it myself.

    The results have been nothing short of miraculous. I am not easily convinced of many of the “claims” made by various nutritional companies and products because I have been a Practicing Wholistic and Nutritional Consultant for over twenty-five years. To say that I am not easily impressed would be an understatement! However, I am completely and utterly astonished at what LAMINE has done for me and I have taken every product I could possibly think of, along with what the Health Practitioners I have been working with have suggested and NOTHING has been able to produce such a dramatic improvement as LAMININE has been able to do!

    LAMININE has been able to give my body the RAW MATERIALS it has desperately required in order to facilitate my healing and indeed, in my experience, this is a deeply profound occurrence!A.

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