I’m Dying for a Grandchild

Question: Dear Luise: My daughter is 29 and has no kids yet. I so want to have my grandchildren. I feel myself so deeply unhappy and depressed because of this wish. I know I should not press on my daughter about my wish .I feel she will get angry if I even let you know on my wish. I know I should just wait and hope. Could you give me any advice not to feel so unhappy. Thank you in advance. D.

Answer: Dear D.: You are the cause of your own unhappiness, of course. It’s a total waste of a good life to not have it be the way it is. It’s your daughter’s business, as you know and if you persist, your yearning could easily grow into an obsession.

Stop it while you still can. Start a “Gratitude List” and write down everything you are grateful for. (I do it every morning and every evening.) If you find yourself pining for the illusive grandchild during the day…read your list over and add one thing. Every time you re-read it, add one more.

You can also come over to my Web-forum where women help each other resolve their issues: www.WiseWomenUinte.com

And if it persists, see a counselor. You are so much more than your biological role. Blessings, Luise

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