I’m An Alcoholic

Question: Dear Luise: I am an alcoholic. Kids -twin girls 15, son 18. I have no contact and they despise me. Very sad. Desperate. Don’t want to go on. A.

Answer: Dear A.: All emotions come and go unless we focus on them and keep them in place. We all have other perceptions and experiences…positive as well as negative. You are so much more than an alcoholic. And everyone is addicted to something, as you already know. Even if it’s “being right.”

Your kids probably have good reason for keeping their distance. They may think that you have something in your life that is more important than they are; alcohol. If you don’t blame them for that, then don’t feel sorry for yourself. It just makes everything worse.

You know the places to go to be understood and to get help. The rest is up to you. Your desperation and not wanting to be at the effect of it are something you don’t have to hang on to. Blessings, Luise

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