I’m Afraid to Say Anything

Question: Dear Luise, ok well I. Have a situation my husband has always got along with my father since we got together in 2004 and when my husband and I started doing good getting our life on track owning our own house and having a kid and then buying another house. My dad has started treating my husband like crap. We you could say that were doing better than my parents but that shouldn’t be a reason why my father should treat us badly. They only come over to see there grand daughter and complain to my husband on everything he thinks were doing wrong. I’m afraid to say anything to my dad because of what might happen like a bad fight break out….help what should I do. T.

Answer: Dear T. You and your husband are adults and get to create your own rules. Abuse is not acceptable. Let your dad know that you mother would never stand by while her father deliberately abused him. Sure there will be a ruckus when you take him on, he’s a bully. Stand up for your family and go your own way if necessary. You don’t want your child to see what is going on and think it’s OK to grow up and abuse people like his grandpa is doing.

Many years ago my father in law abused my husband at work. We picked up and moved 2,500 miles away and were never sorry. Blessings. Luise


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