I Just Wish I Got Treated Better

Question: Dear Luise: i was asking google and you popped up lol… now i have a problem. im 18 im engaged i recently moved out and it was a mistake…we have been together for 2 years… we fight and argue everyday and its just stressful.. he cant keep a job and hes bi poler..ugh its getting to the point were im afraid to talk to him.. he says hes going to get on meds but never does.. he blames me for everything.. we go to court on the 6th for unpaid rent and we most likely have to move… i told him im going to live with my mom and hes going to have to move in with his dad b/c my mom cant handle him here b/c we always fight. which got him mad and now were not talking.. im at my moms right now and hes at the apartment… i want to be happy again but im afraid ill make a huge mistake like i have been doing.. i do love him i just wish i got treated better…K.

Answer: Dear K.: It is possible to love someone you can’t live with. You have your life ahead of you and a messed up, unemployed guy who makes everything your fault is no way to live.

You were right to move, your mom was right not to take him in and he can make his life right when he chooses to be responsible for it. You deserve so much better. Blessings, Luise

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