I Want To Fight For My Son

Question: Dear Luise, My husband and I are unfortunately in the process of getting a divorce for the second time.  We divorced last year due to his affair.  We remarried this year, thought that things would be different the second time, but he left again. This time, he has turned my 14 year-old son against me.  My son wants to live with him. He doesn’t want to be left behind again.  Dad has convinced him that life will be fun, a real party atmosphere.  I want to fight for my son because I don’t think he realizes just what kind of person his father really is.  This is very painful.  Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. K.

Answer: Dear Kim: Anything you may do will just cement their partnership further and you are right, it’s not going to serve your son to use his dad as a role model. If you condone it, you will be blamed for the fall-out and if you don’t, you will be blamed for the fall-out. All you can do is to let them both know that you feel it isn’t supportive.

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