I Want To Disinherit Her

Question: Dear Luise: my adult daughter and her husband clearly do not care for my wife and I.  It breaks our heart that the grandchildren (3)are caught in the middle.  We have done so much for them with no thanks in return. They are now holding back on letting the grandchildren visit. I have talked with my daughter regarding the joy and love the children experience when they are with us.  The children love to visit us and will suffer from the loss of a grandparent relationship. My daughter does not care about this aspect. My question,( I know you would like to know more, it would take months ), but I feel I want to disinherit her from our will. The money would go to the grandchildren. What are your thoughts? D.

Answer: Dear D.: That’s certainly what I would do. Not out of spite but to make sure the money goes where you want it to go. I’d see an estate attorney about setting up trusts for each child that will not mature until their 21st birthday with a clause (if that is possible) that they can borrow from it for college under the administrator of the trust…for the direct payment of legitimate expenses, only. Blessings, Luise

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