I Want My Marriage Back

Question: My heart is so broken.. My husband has left me agian this is the second yr in a role .. Last yr he left cause he was cheating on me ..He cam back home .. Yes I’ve had back luck w/ keeping a job and it’s stress for for him. Now he is saying he needs time for him self =. He has moved out. he said he will help me pay bills til June. And then he’ll get an apartment.He said he does not know if or when he’s coming home. We’ve been married 12 yrs together 16 yrs.My heart hurts so bad I can’t sleep I can’t fuction.I  asked him if was he gonna file for a divorce. He said he does not think it’s to that point yet..Not sure if I sould start to Divorce prosses.. I love my hubby and want my marriage back, more than anything. Pls give me some advice. R.

Answer: Dear R.: It doesn’t sound to me like you have much to work with.

Talk with your husband to see if there is anything that can be done for you to be ale to stay together. Ask him if you got a job and stuck with it and did it well and consistently helped with the expenses, if that would make a difference. It sounds like that might be it. Otherwise, I think he may be on his way. Blessings, Luise


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