I Think She’s Using Voodoo

Question: my youngest son (25) and his wife have a beautiful 11mo girl.  i love my son and my granddaughter so very much; however, his wife is a disrespectful, deceitful girl.  she has proceeded to divide my family in so many ways, including creating an awful scene at her own wedding with my other son’s then girlfriend.  she rarely shows up to family functions (including my mother’s funeral, when they were first engaged).  refuses to communicate except via texts and only when asking me to babysit and to check on the baby the rare times i do get to babysit.  i have been nothing but generous, respectful and welcoming in spite of her incidious behavior.  the icing on the cake was yesterday when i received a thank you card for my granddaughter’s christening addressed to me by my first name!  i have spoken to my son about her behavior both before their wedding and after and nothing changes.  i think he just wants to avoid confrontation with the lunatic!  at this point, i want a show down and ill take whatever the outcome may be.  i only get to see my beautiful granddaughter about once a month anyway, so i figure the worst that can happen is that she will stop that, too.  if i dont get this off my chest and stop allowing her to wipe her feet on me as thought i am a doormat, i believe she will continue to be empowered and the situation will worsen anyway. btw, she has now succeeded in brainwashing my other son’s present girlfriend, too.  you may wonder why i believe she holds so much power over people…i believe it is the voodoo like dolls she has above the sink in her kitchen!  (NO LIE!) what should i do. C.

Answer: Dear C.: Well, the first thing I would do is not empower her. Can you put a doll of your own over your kitchen sink? And I think backing off is smart. Good for you.

I also suggest you come over to my Web-forum for people with issues regarding extended families: www.WiseWomenUnite.com  Maybe you should skip the Voodoo  part, though. That’s a stretch for a lot of people, me included. 🙂 Blessings, Luise

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