I Think I’m Losing My Mind

Question: Dear Luise:  i dont know where to start. my son of 30 years old has been in a relationship for 13 years to the worst woman in the world. they have 5 kids together and use them against me she has got the kids to hate me and now my son i dont know how to handle it she makes up stories tells lies  it would make your hair curl but if i confront her about all that has been said she says she doesnt know where i got that from. im starting to think im losing my mind what do i do ? M.

Answer: Dear M.: I know something that might help. Over the last five years I have received more questions on this subject than any other. As a result, I have established a Web-forum where women can interact with each other in trying to move through the kind of a “loss” of an adult child that you describe…not necessarily unscathed but at least in a pattern of survival. Please go to: www.WiseWomenUnite.com You will find both understanding and support there. I hope to see you soon. Blessings, Luise

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