I Like The Person I’ve Become Inside

Question: Dear Luise: I had to set up bounderies as my daughter in-law has walked over us for so many years,i said what was truth n now my son n family wants nothing to do with me until i apologize,finally mom is standing up for herself n they can’t seem to take that.i have been in alanon for 14 years n been working on myself, it’s either go back to the old person or continue on to the person inside i like. S.

Answer: Dear S.: People who are used to not honoring boundaries often don’t react well to finding they have to consider others. Take a look at how you did it? Was it hard? Did you put it in a way that could have been offensive? Can you reword it and apologize for you presentation but not for your position? It’s worth a try. And I want to congratulate you for the inner growth that brought this about. Blessings, Luise

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