I Hate My Mom

Question: Dear Luise: I hate my mom. I moved back to her state to work things out with her but she never wants anything to do with m e. She keeps telling my dad she doesn’t want me here but when she needs help, I help her because she’s my mom. But if I ask for help she goes off on me for saying I don’t have a life because no one wants me. I just don’t get it.. She got kicked out of her apartment so I moved her in with me. I ask if she can give me a ride to work and she acts like I am stopping her from getting a life. Is there a different way of trying to have something with my mom…or do I just kick her out of my life for good? K.

Answer: Dear K.: I think your mom is very lucky to have you but I don’t think she knows that.

You can’t change her by doing something different…she is how she is. The reason you don’t “get it” is because she isn’t making any sense.

I would wish her well and love her from afar. You are being abused and you deserve a lot better than what she is dishing out. Blessings, Luise

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