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Question: Dear Luise: I am so glad tht i can share my problem here nd hoping for ur answer asap. I’m 24 yrs old. i ve been married to my hubby for 5yrs now, nd we have our little angel -our daughter- she is 3+ yrs old. I’m a houswife my husband stay most of the time out for work or just hang out with his frnds. he came home lately like after mid night. since last year, i felt tht our sex life is just decreasing day by day. we hv even a record tht we did sex for3 times only in a month. tht is also after i cried nd asked him the reason of not getting tht interset in me. he also likes to collect xxxx pictures nd vid from the net-nd i habe no objection about it-.recently i discovered tht @ late night when i m in deep sleep. . . he listen to some xxxx voices by calling through his cell nd just do his hsatisfied himself tht easy. . . even i m near him in the bed. nd he just keep his hobby secretly frm me. whn i asked him for the reason he mind it nd said tht its his habbit. but i realllllllly feel so hurt nd bad about it. now i feel like i dnt want to have sex even whn he try to make me on. . . i dnt know wht to do? pl reply me asap. may God bless u. thnx M.

Answer: Dear M.: Get rid of him. You deserve so much better. Only you can see that. Move on to a life that isn’t abusive. Blessings, Luise

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