I Don’t Go To The Door Anymore

Question: Dear Luise: i lost my mum 8 weeks ago . lung Cancer . Non smoker …. I tool care for ten weeks until the end . I am now in hell I drink a bottle of wine a night just to sleep and to make things worse I got injured during her sickness . Spinal injury lifting my mum . I hate my life and my family who did not help ….. I cant cope anymore . I need to be on my own . I have a hubby and two sons one at home . If i drink i forget …. If i dont drink i take pills ….I hide bottles of wine around the house and dont answer the door anymore . Help me please. C.

Answer: Dear C.: You are in crisis and need crisis intervention. Please seek help through AA or a Crisis Hot Line. You have gone though the impossible but/and there is life…joy…and peace beyond your pain and loss. You know that and want those things again or you wouldn’t have written to me.

When such a loss comes on top of intense care giving, you have no reserves with which to absorb the impact. Losing your mom would have been a horror even if she hadn’t been ill before her death. It’s only been 8 weeks.

Family may have let you both down, but know that your love for her has not gone unnoticed in high places. Let her love for you help you now. You are carrying it with you in your heart. Blessings, Luise

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