I Don’t Think I Can Live Without Her

Question: Dear Luise: How can you not be so attached to your parents? I am in my late 30s and VERY much attached to my mom. She is older now and I am ALWAYs SOOO worried of losing her..I don’t know if I can live without her.. I really don’t think so..I am SO scared and so worried..what should I do?? Can u help me please? Please. H.

Answer: Dear H.: You need to see a counselor. It’s going to take time and work to get past your issue and a simple question and answer Web-site can’t help with anything so deep and serious.

Your mother is going to die…you are going to die…I am going to die. I’ll go first because I am already 84 years old. There is no way around death and to think you can’t live without the person who gave you life and is naturally going to die before you do is something that needs immediate attention.

Life is a priceless gift and you are wasting it by not accepting what is in store for all of us and totally natural. Please see a counselor. Ask your doctor for the name of a good one…get into treatment and hang in there until you come out the other side. Don’t waste your life like this. You are a separate, strong, wonderful, independent individual. Blessings, Luise


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