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Comment: Dear Luise: I just read your advice to Tonya whose massage therapist is waffling about her fee. I disagree that it is the responsibility of the client to resolve this matter. This is not the client’s problem. She needs to tell the therapist that she will not schedule another appointment until the fee is set. When she knows what that amount is, she will then know how many times she can come each month. If the therapist hasn’t had this problem before, which is an unknown to us, then she has something going on that she needs to face and work through. Well, the same is true is she has, for that matter. She may be in awe of her client, feel sorry for her or need her in some way. In the later case, perhaps there could be a trading of services. Whatever the issue is, it needs to come out into the open and be addressed. It is the therapist’s business. Her fees are as much a part of that business as the office space and scheduling. This could cause problems on many different levels, if it isn’t nipped in the bud. Please reconsider your advice in this instance. Mark

Answer: Dear Mark: You make a lot of sense. However, I think your resolution is just as heavy-handed as the one I offered. It still puts the burden of taking action on the part of the client. She shouldn’t have to tell the therapist what her job entails, (your solution), any more than she should have to decide the amount of the fee, (mine).

No matter how we look at this, it’s a sticky wicket. To be fair, I like your approach better than mine. Thanks. Blessings, Luise

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