They think I Cheated

Question: dear luise i have a big problem right now and i donnot know how can i defend myself my problem is, last friday we had our exam quiz in economics and my teacher accused of cheating, they said at the deans office that they will suspend me for a week i do not know whwt to do. because i really didn’t cheat. my professor saw my reviewer that it is under my paper, but believe me that it is facing upside down, she said that i have an intention to cheat but the truth is i do not have any intention to do that. i do not know how can i defend myself because whatever i may do they will not believe me, the teacher has more authority than me, of course they will not believe me. but im saying the truth. i do not know what to do. my mother also cannot believe me that i can do cheating because she really knew, a hardworking student. i do not want to be suspended. they are not fair,i’m an academic honorroll when i was in highschool and elementary. from the first time i entered the school i didn’t cheat and when it comes to answers examinations and otherb school works i’m mean it that i’m selfiss because i’m ghrade conscious but what can i do so that teachers and the dean will believe me. willn know the truth. my classmates told me that the authorities will not let me explain myself and they will decide on waht the teacher saw. help me please i think i’m going to die if i will be suspended. thank’s. K.

Dear K.: You may not be guilty of cheating or even of intending to cheat, but you used extremely poor judgment.

You aren’t going to die if you are suspended, you are going to learn a very costly lesson that, hopefully, you will never forget. That lesson is that all through life you need to conduct yourself in a way that inspires others to have confidence in you.

No one ever places a sheet with the answers to a quiz under their quiz sheet. Never! It is a suspicious thing to do. Professors are watching for suspicious behavior because cheating is something they must always be on the lookout for. By doing that, you made the mistake of looking like someone who cheats, and that’s all it takes.

Suspension may follow or they may let you off the hook as a first offender. Either way, you are going to be closely scrutinized in the future because you have been labeled. That is your fault…not theirs.

Stand up to this situation like an adult. Face the consequences of your actions and learn from your mistake. No one is perfect. It is impossible to always be wise and to always think things through. Do your best whenever you can. You weren’t doing that during that quiz. Strive for improvement at the same time that you accept your humanness. To error is human. Blessings, Luise

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