I Had To Contact The authorities

Question: Dear Luise:  Sent something on 7/09/10-not sure if I did this correctly-I just found this site.  My situation involves: son with a girl who has behaved in many ways that has torn my family apart, I have lost my son, I have never been able to have a relationship with my grandchild.  Worst of all, I had to contact the authorities for unthinkable neglect of my grandchild-I am a professional person.  As a result, my son and this girl have slandered me across the Internet and to the workers.  I am not sure what question to ask, as this situation has many complex issues.  I hope you are able to write back. J.

Answer: Dear J. I read your initial comment and responded that I thought stepping back was wise. What a difficult and heart-wrenching call for you to have to make.

I think you would benefit from interacting on my Web-forum. You will find it at: www.WiseWomenUnite.com I created a discussion Website because of the volume of questions I receive concerning issues with adult children and their families.

Support is available there…sharing and caring. Blessings, Luise

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