I’m Not Welcome Anymor

Question: Dear Luise: hi. i have 2 sons that i adore, and they’ve always been great with me, and their friends have all loved me and call me mom to. i get along great with my older sons wife, and try to get along with my younger sons wife but she sais little things behind my back to him that make him angry with me…and they seem to build up..because the loving happy son I once knew is now putting me under a microscope whatever I do. His new wife has 2 kids by two different fathers and just had a son with my son. My older son has a daughter (2) and I love my grandkids with all my heart!! I treat her kids good to, but she’s mad at me and has everyone thinking I’m a bad person because I said my sons and their children will always be special to me. Im not welcome there anymore because she sais I cant love everyone the same! But I do treat them all the same..It’s horrible..my heart is so broken !! is their any advice ? D.

Answer: Dear D.: Please come over to my Web-forum with this. It was expressly designed for women with issues involving adult children and extended families. You will find a lot of support there. I hope to see you soon! www.WiseWomenUnite.com Blessings, Luise


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