I’m In Love With an Ex-student

Question: Dear Luise: Iam a teacher i fall in love with my x-student does it correct or not iam very confuse plz help me. A.

Answer: Dear A.: This happens more often than most people realize. The student is so young and attractive…and the teacher is admired and revered.

The cards are stacked against you. The odds when people are of the same age or close are that one out of every two marriages will still fail.

You will have to be the one who decides what course of action you are going to take. It is very common to love someone we can’t live it. Are you that brave? I

I am married to someone much older than I am. Maybe not old enough to have been my teacher but we have 16 years between us. It has worked for us because we were both retired when we met. By that time age doesn’t matter that much. Blessings, Luise

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