My Husband Took Off With My Friend

Question: Dear Luise: My husband took off with a very good friend of mine four months ago. I’ve been expecting him to return, but I’m getting sick of waiting. He’s still the love of my life. What to do? Thanks for giving me some help with this. Sincerely, Claire

Answer: Dear Claire: Lopsided love is a real bummer. You think he’s still the right person for you, and yet you sure aren’t his choice any longer. Wouldn’t it be “lov-er-ly”, under such circumstances, if it could just end for both people at the same time? How long are willing to wait? Six months or a year from now will you wake up and get it? He’s gone. If he did come home, what would you have, Claire, really? You would have someone that has shown you total disrespect. Isn’t that a mirror of you showing yourself the same thing, if you accept it? Who is going to defend you, if you don’t? It’s time to be your “own best friend”!

You picked a loser. You belong to a very big club. I belonged to it at one time, myself, many years ago. The cure is to get that *you* aren’t a loser! You may have loved someone who didn’t even exist. Have you ever thought of that? Would the guy you thought he was, the man you held in such high esteem, ever act like such a jerk? It’s time to congratulate your former friend. They may just be a matched set! Then, pick up the pieces, hold your head high, and move on. Go out and celebrate the fact that they’re both out of your life…and you’ve won! Blessings, Luise

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