How Should I Handle This?

Question: Dear Luise:  My sister n law and I have the same group of friends and she constantly talks bad about my inlaws  to everyone. She would rarely let my mother in law see her child, and would complain about everything she did. Now on the days I leave my child with my mother in law she brings her toddler over there. She is expecting another child and has made comments that she is going to leave it with our mother in law so she can have her time. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if she has always depended on my mother in law, but I feel like she is doing this to be vindictive. My mother in law can’t say anything to her because she enjoys see her grandbaby since she rarely got to see him before. but a toddler and two infants is too much of one person to handle. how should I handle this? A.

Answer: Dear A.: I would stay completely out of it, if I were you. It is your mother in law’s job to learn to say no or pay the consequences. It you intervene, you will likely get caught in the middle and nothing will change.

You might want to bring this issue over to my Web-forum for some additional feedback and support: . Blessings, Luise

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