How Should I Tell My Mom

Question: Dear Luise: How should I tell my mom that I’m ready to be sexually active? V.

Answer: Dear V.: Good for you for approaching something so important with conscious preparation.

It is difficult in most circumstances to share and work through this issue with a parent and yet it’s extremely important that you do so, if you know it won’t bring about permanent chaos. Sometimes it does, and then I doubt the wisdom of it.

My closet friend has two daughters. She told them both to let her know when the time was right and she would take them to a clinic for birth control pills. Neither elected to tell her and they later said it was too personal to discuss at the time. It’s just not any easy thing to address for most of us.

I would talk with a counselor at school and one at a clinic that offers birth control protection to see if you can get some help with this. Or maybe even a relative like an Aunt that you can trust.

All moms are different but there are probably very few that are not terrified at the thought of a young person, male or female, heading into the complexity and potential danger of early sexual expression.

Some of their fears may come from their own early experience or horror stories they have heard…the rest is pure, loving protection. Blessings, Luise

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