How Do I Reassure Her?

Question: Dear Luise: How do I get my son’s girlfriend to except and understand that when my son calls me for support or direction it’s no reflection against her. And she says she’s not jealous, but I believe she is. Also she doesn’t and never will have that closeness that me and my son share.  I try to explain that I do… take a neutral stand and try very hard not to take sides. I just listen and put myself out there as a sounding board. He knows where I stand and is good with that. I love my future DIL and would hope she can find peace of mind with all of this and use it in a positive way instead negative. Any feedback would be great!! Thanks!! S.

Answer: Dear S.: You might try telling her that although she will never have a closeness like you and your son share, you are also fully aware that she and your son have a closeness you will never share. They are two very different kinds of relationships. She wouldn’t want to be his mother and you wouldn’t want to be his wife. Blessings, Luise


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