How Can I Safely Be a Part of It?

Question: Dear Luise: this is my first Son’s & daughter in law’s 1st child (a son). I want to know my role so i do not step on any ones toes. The child) is our 1st grandchild and 1st great grandchild, in the family. so you can imagine how happy i am. I am 57 yrs old and have waited for him to find a soul mate and truly he has. How can i be a huge part with out causing problems? also i would like to get something special for her after delivery, to show she how much it means to me. Thanks ,awaiting answer. D.

Answer: Dear D.: The rules are made by the new parents and you have to follow their lead. I only hope they have the same vision of your participation in their lives and the life of their son that you do. Ask her what she would like to have and listen.

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