House Training A Chihuahua

Question: Dear Luise: I just adopted a Chihuahua who was found as a stray, lived 15 days in a dog pound, and was scheduled to be put down. I named him Bosley. He’s precious, has many wonderful qualities, loving, good with kids, people, other dogs, etc. but he is in a marking frenzy. I know he’s insecure because of the trauma of being lost, and in the pound, so I want to be sympathetic to all that. I live in an apartment…I have two other Chihuahua’s…a 5 year old who has been my only pet…and a four month-old puppy that I acquired about 8 weeks ago who is doing very well using pee-pee pads. Obviously…all of us our going through a little adjustment period. When I walk the dogs, I carry treats and give Bosley one each time he marks and/or pees. But we are still having difficulty in the apartment. This problem also prevents me from taking him to visit my daughters. Do you have any suggestions? S.

Answer: Dear S.: Oh, I wish I did have the answer. I went through the same thing with our precious “Me, Too.” He has the same kind of history.

I contacted the best dog trainers in our area and they told me that Chihuahuas have to be trained early-on or it’s a lost cause. Ours was around fifteen months old when he got lost and ended up in the dog pound. He was malnourished and sick…scared to death and hadn’t had any training at all.

We try to walk him every two hours and he is happy to go when taken on walks. However, if he wants to pee in between time…(he never poops in the house)…he just goes. I find a little wet spot in front of my hall closet or bedroom closet and the best I can do is to spray it with a liquid carpet cleaner that is made specifically for that purpose. I get it at a pet shop. I rub it into the carpet and then blot it. This keeps any odor from being present in our apartment.

We have had him 10 years and nothing has ever changed. We have the carpets professionally cleaned and treated every year and just put up with it because he’s worth it. It doesn’t happen every day, thank goodness.

It wish I could be more encouraging but maybe Bosley will be the exception to the rule and decide to cooperate better than our little guy has. Blessings, Luise

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