He’s Stalking Me

Question: Dear Luise:  I guess I just go straight to the point.  how do I do to stop my ex from stalking me.  He call me, he text me, he call all my friends and he think I still love him.  All my feeling of love went away when he decided to gamble again after being recovering.  I couldn’t take it for my son and for me.  That is not the example I want for my son and that situation was affecting me emotionally. I finally made a decision of not being with him and he cannot accept it.  What do I do? J.

Answer: Dear J. You need to get a restraining order. Go to the police and tell them about your situation. This is a serious matter, a crisis, and not something to be addressed here. See an attorney as well. Protect yourself. Blessings, Luise

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