Natural Herbs For Anxiety

Question: Hi Luise: Do you know of any natural herbs for anxiety? I suffer from anxiety and hate the thought of taking pharmaceutical medicine because of all the adverse effects and yet I worry all the time. I would love to have more knowledge of herbs, in fact I have even thought that going to a School of Herbology might be a career direction for me but I am too afraid to leave my secure job and take that risk. Maybe if I had a good herbal remedy for anxiety, I would be more of a risk-taker. Anyway, thanks for any insight you can give. Love, Hillary

Answer: Dear Hillary: I know almost nothing about Herbology, although I do know that a great deal of good can come from using specific herbal remedies in certain cases. I just got past the horror of shingles with an herb, the Larrea plant extract.

I recently read about a Chinese herb that is used for anxiety but I have no experience with it to pass on to you. It is called Anmien Pien. You can find it at: .

Anxiety can also be treated in a non-medicinal way through NLP, which means Neuro- linguistic Programming. It’s a therapy that can often move people through and past anxiety attacks, phobias and other emotional issues.

When you mention your secure job, I’m reminded of the person I know who became a NLP therapist while keeping his job for just the same reason you are. Only when he felt his practice was really taking off, did he unchain himself from his desk and his paycheck. That may be the way for you to investigate, study and practice Herbology…very carefully.

I am impressed with your decision not to get into the world of pharmaceuticals. It has almost become a cult, to my way of thinking. It seems like we are being taught to get rid of the symptom, not look for the cause. And what we’re causing is increased symptoms.

I don’t know if either suggestion I have raised will be of any use to you as you look for natural herbs for anxiety and other amswers. I do know that when you are open and willing to learn…knowledge and solutions will come your way. Blessings, Luise

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  1. nancy altmix March 18, 2007 at 3:35 pm #

    Sometimes, we all have to go see a doctor. If you need an operation, or an x-ray!!!! A lot ,well most time, read about different herbal remedies, and treat yourself. Herbs heal you. They just do not put a bandage on problem!

  2. Luise March 18, 2007 at 4:21 pm #

    Well said, Nancy!

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