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Question: Dear Luise: Have you ever heard of Healthy Noni Juice? I have a friend who takes it. I am a retired senior and I feel I need some help with supplements. My doctor says a general multivitamin and mineral is OK but he just isn’t very interested in the subject. I have friends that take tons of supplements and swear by them but I think you probably can overdo it and I don’t have a lot of surplus money. I get health magazines and am further confused because there are endless herbs and supplements out there that are supposed to do miracles. I can’t take them all! Do you take supplements? If so, how did you choose the ones you take? Thanks, Betty

Answer: Dear Betty. It’s a “puzzlement”, isn’t it? I’m with you…this is a very difficult area to deal with in a wise and practical manner. And ignoring it isn’t smart, either.

I used to have a man who tested me for supplements and prescribed them for me. He did muscle testing. After he left the area, I sent a sputum sample to a couple by mail and they tested me and recommended vitamins, minerals and herbs. After they retired, there was a while that I became part of a website and used their products, but I felt I was flying blind again, and was sure that “one size fits all” just wasn’t the way to go. Then I was tested by means of questions and answers to find out what metabolic type I was through another website and took their stuff for a while.

Recently, I heard about a naturopath from a friend. I had gotten down to just a few supplements that felt right to me, but had no idea if I was doing the right thing or not. She tested me very thoroughly. Then she tested the things I was taking and approved all of them, so my intuition did pretty well. In addition, she found that I needed iodine, and zinc. Whew! It sure felt good to have someone else in charge.

I was put on Healthy Noni Juice by the second practitioner and took it for quite a while. It felt very beneficial at that time. But I would suggest that you go to someone and get tested before you just start self-prescribing. Blessings, Luise

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