He Is Only Six

Question: Dear Luise: Have a grandson who is 6 and my daughter in law says they were watching tv and my baby starts seriously crying…I asked what was wrong and he says, “I don’t want you and papi to go to heaven. I’m going to be scared and Elias and me don’t know what to do or what to eat. I don’t want you to leave mami.” I couldn’t help but start crying too! My poor baby stresses about this some days. Another time, my son says he was eating his snack at the table and just started crying out of now where with the same thing he is scared to loose them etc. He lost a grandpa earlier this year and he did come by and see when he was in his final days at home. He was already in a coma. Maybe he shouldn’t have come and seen him in that state? How do we help him overcome this anxiety he is feeling..he is only 6? Grandma wanting to help. C.

Answer: Dear C.:  Please come over to my Web-forum where we address issues with adult children, grandchildren and extended families. There is a need for a supportive community for most of us when we are facing the unthinkable. I hope to see you there: www.WiseWomenUnite.com . Blessings, Luise


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