He Is Interfering With My Marriage

Question: Dear Luise: my son is 36 years and an alocholic he addmitted he had a problem and is trying but  I am afraid and don’t know who to contact about what he writes .  he thinks he is looking for a job but this is just a little of what he wants to put on internet for a job. I am looking for investors for my sub-plane-space ship that is to be used searching for sunkin ships. at the endhe want to let scientist do experiments on people on death row. he ends by saying  there were many prophets before me yet the 1 and only truth telling is the best weapon.  I will do what ever you think i should do he is interfering with my marriage very much . please help if a doctor saw what he wrote the would lock him up and through away the key thank you so very much. Z.

Answer: Dear Z. If he lives with you send him on his way. You are not responsible for him. If he doesn’t live with you, pay no further attention to him what he writes. If you have to move and leave no forwarding address, do it. You did your best in raising him and he has to take it from here. You have no control over the alcohol or his behavior.

If it would make you feel better, talk to a lawyer about it. There may be some legal action you can take. The biggest point I want to make is don’t read one more thing that he writes and do not support him. Do Not Go There! Blessings, Luise

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