How Come He Gets Off Free?

Question: Dear Luise: I don’t know if you can answer this or not but im going to ask anyway, a couple of days ago me and my boyfriend were arguing and he grabbed me by the neck. as soon as he did that my son jumped out of the car to help me (he is 14) when he got around the car my boyfriend let go and grabbed him. he hit him a few times and then threw him to the ground. well i made a police report on what happened and so did the neighbor that saw everything. and now a little after the police are telling me that they might take my kids away. i don’t understand this. why does the victim get threatened with there children? this was the first time that he ever hit my son and now that he did i kicked him out of the house and tried to press charges but if i do than there is a good chance that they will take my so and my daughter away. the only way to keep them is to tell them that everything is fine now and that we will go to counseling, how come i get threatened and the boyfriend gets off free? Do you have any solutions or advice? Thank you for your time, D.

Answer: Dear D.: Laws are different in different places but my take is that someone in a position of authority felt that you knew what the guy was like and what he was capable of and exposed your kids to risk.

No, it’s not fair but you’re stuck with their limited investigation and programmed thinking…(and ruling.)

I would be much more careful in the future so that history doesn’t repeat itself. There are good guy outs there, and no guy is better than a bad guy. Blessings, Luise

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