He Doesn’t Act Like He Cares

Question: Dear Luise:  I have been living with my boyfriend for the past three months, he is 62 and I am 47. He never wants sex, we hold hands, and kiss, but I miss the sexual contact. He doesnt act like he cares if he ever has sex again. I dont know if I should stay with him, because I dont know if I am ready to give up on sex. Please advise. Oh he says his mind wants it but his body wont cooperate. I dont know if I believe this or not. thank you. L.

Answer: Dear L.: The fact that you are writing to me after being with him only three months suggests to me that it isn’t going to work for you. It’s how it is and if you stay, you are definitely “giving up on sex.” His reasons are not the issue and it doesn’t matter whether you believe him or not, his actions say it all. Blessings, Luise.

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