Overweight and Hating It

Question: Dear Luise: Have you ever had any problems with weight gain and then trying to lose it? I feel like I have tried everything in the book and I just can’t get even close to my ideal weight. I also can’t stay at a lower weight for long after I lose a few unwanted pounds. I am middle-aged and moderately active. Some of my struggle is about vanity, I admit, but a lot of it is about health issues. Not current ones, the ones that I am afraid excessive weight will bring about. I’m a nurse, well read and I know what the odds are. Julia

Answer: Dear Julia: What a large club we belong to! We didn’t want to join and we hate paying our dues. I agree with you that we can’t just stay overweight without a fight, and yet fighting has little appeal to either of us, if I hear you right, if we never really win. We both know what the statistics are on the increase in obesity, in children as well as adults, and how all pervasive it is becoming, worldwide. What a moneymaker fear is to the diet industry. And yet, most of us just can’t quit trying. Not for long, at least.

I will share my experience with you. I have no way of knowing if it will be of any help, but here it is for what it’s worth. Like many of my friends, I have “tried them all”, when it comes to diets. My excess weight didn’t show up until I was around forty-five, and then it was a sneaky little devil that didn’t look serious. After staying at 132 pounds for decades, I eventually found myself at 203 pounds. I’m 5’ 2”. Without going into the details, I became a yo-yo dieter…not on purpose, just trying, succeeding and then failing to maintain. What I have discovered is that no one plan works for me yet a combination of about four plans does. I don’t just want to lose weight, I want increased energy and well-being, too. I have combined the specific features that work for me from Curves, Fat Flush, Metabolic Testing and Isagenix, (all have web sites) to get back to 132…and the later plan has given me reliable maintenance. So, I would suggest that for most of us there is no “one-size-fits-all” way to get back to our ideal weight and stay there. That’s the big one for me…staying there! Blessings, Luise

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