How Can We Put a Flat TV on a Half Wall

Question: Dear Luise: Our living room and dining room is divided by a partial half wall that is 36″ tall. The ideal place for our TV is against the half wall on the living room side. Presently we have a console TV that works well. We want to update to a flat screen TV but unsure about using a TV stand. It is difficult to find a TV stand in which the height of the stand and TV does not exceed the half wall. How would it look to place the flat screen TV that has a stand on the floor? We could mount the TV on the wall but I don’t think that would work, there would a gap between the TV and the floor. Need some suggestions. Thanks. M.

Answer: Dear M.: I personally wouldn’t want a floor level TV. I think it would look weird and my neck would get tired looking down at it. Your living room should be attractive, feel comfortable and invite relaxation.

I have had my TV on three of the four walls of my small living room. I don’t pay any attention to where the cable plugs into the wall. (The only exception is the window-wall, which I leave totally unobstructed to incorporate the view.) I get very long cable and away I go around the perimeter. Then I arrange the rest of the furniture to suit. Right now my TV is on the full wall between the living room and kitchen, so the cable has to cross the open space between the living room and dining area at the end of the kitchen. I covered the cable with masking tape, (which I also do along all the outside walls), and then placed a long runner-rug across the opening. My point being, don’t think that your 36-inch wall is the only place you can install your new unit.

It takes some creative thinking sometimes and some experimentation to come up with a plan that works. If I had a 36-inch half wall and preferred to have my TV there, I might build a heavy and well-reinforced lattice all the way to the ceiling to hang the plasma TV on. It would have to be done right with a header across the ceiling and studs at both ends and every 24 inches or so across the width of it before the lattice was added between the studs. It could be very attractive and still let most of the light through.

Talk to the people who sell the monster TVs, especially at a store that specializes in electronics. Maybe you can get some additional ideas from that quarter. The end result should be attractive and look like it is supposed to be there. Blessings, Luise

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