How About RV Campgrounds In The Great Lakes

Question: Dear Luise: This is a long shot, but have you ever done any RV camping at any of the Great Lakes campgrounds? We live in California and have only camped back and forth across the Southern states and up the Eastern seaboard. Is it worth the time and money to head up to the Great Lakes and poke around there? Thanks, Glen

Answer: Dear Glen: I hail from Michigan, (Royal Oak/Tawas), and even after fifty years on the West Coast, the magic of the Great Lakes never seems to lessen. When I was very young, my parents rented a cabin on Lake Michigan. I have a clear memory of it and the wonder of those two weeks. And all of the years I was growing up we heard tales of their canoeing honeymoon in the Pictured Rocks of Lake Superior. Before I started school they built a log cabin in the Huron National Forest, close to Lake Huron, so my sisters and I could grow up “summer-savages”.

So, yes, my husband and I have taken many RV trips back that way…sometimes crossing the Northern states and sometimes across Canada. I highly recommend both but please don’t try to narrow it down to “one-trip-covers-all”. There’s just too much to do and see.

We have enjoyed many state, federal, and private campgrounds in the numerous states that border the Great Lakes, and recommend that you go to www.great-lakes,net/tourism/rec/camp.html and for a bird’s-eye view of what’s out there. It is possible to stay right on the water at very reasonable costs with a little research.

We especially love Mackinac Island and the Mackinac Bridge between the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan. Our favorite time of the year to head out is the day after Labor Day when the kids are back in school and there is less vacation traffic on the roads. We always time it to be there in early October when the fall colors take your breath away. And the best plan is to get back home by mid-October before the mountain passes become a problem.

If you were to ask us to recommend our favorite campgrounds in the Great Lakes, we would have say that those in Michigan’s upper peninsula with Lake Michigan on one side and Lake Superior on the other, have stolen our hearts. Totally gorgeous! Blessings, Luise

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