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Question: Hello Luise: I love golf, live in Palm Springs, California and would like to begin a new career as a Golf Hypnosis Coach. I have some background in the health field, and I am thinking of studying golf hypnosis…or should I say I want to work with people to help them improve their game. I have some skills when it comes to hypnotic work, but I have yet to apply myself to a specific sector, like golf. I am 60 years old. Do you think I could start a career at this time in life? I know that there are lots of golfers that need help. I am just wondering how I would go about this. Do you have any ideas? Am I crazy, to what? Marsha

Answer: Dear Marsha: Well, you may be crazy to ask me about this! I know more about teaching ants to sing that I do about either golf or hypnosis. If you want to read on, after that opening, let the fun begin!

I think I would go backward before I tried to move forward if I were in your shoes. Since you love golf, I assume you play. Is that correct? If so, why not find an excellent hypnotist and have that person work with you to improve your game. That would give you tangible evidence that it works. Start out creating, hands-on credibility.

Pick someone who lives a long way from you and commute to your sessions. (There’s absolutely no sense in supporting any future, local competition.) Be very careful to document all the data regarding your game before, during and upon completion of your course of treatment.

Then, set up a free, Golf Research Clinic in your home so you can work with local golfers to gain visibility…carefully documenting all of your results. Only after the positive results start to pile up, and you are sure you have something solid to offer, should you hang out your shingle.

When you go about it that way, becoming known, accepted and respected as the Palm Springs Golf Hypnosis Coach…your career will take off and age isn’t going to matter to anyone. Blessings, Luise

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